The Firm

The Del Re Law Firm is based in Florence and Milan, the two cities that represent Italian excellence in the world
for their artistic/intellectual prestige and for their centrality in industrial innovation.

The Law Firm has a multidisciplinary vocation thanks to its members versed in different branches of law and provides high-level legal consultancy services to legal and natural persons established in Italy and abroad, also making use of the contribution of jurists and university professors of counsel, in order to field the best professionals in the sector.

The Firm was born from the many years of labor law experience of Prof. Avv. Andrea Del Re (former founder of the Del Re-Sandrucci Law Firm in 1995) and from the specialization in corporate-corporate assistance of Avv. Claudia Del Re, university professor.

The Firm provides clients with global and integrated assistance on all legal aspects of their operations, even in those involving different legal systems, gaining, over time, a leading role in the panorama of legal assistance to some of the most important Italian companies, so much so that he became a collaborator of industrial associations established in the area. The high level of specialization, international training, the significant experiences gained in Italy and abroad by the two founding partners (United Kingdom and United States) allow the collaborators of the Firm to provide qualified assistance on any type of operation. Creativity, efficiency and dynamism of their staff of collaborators ensure a flexible and effective approach to problems.

The Firm also offers its legal services both to foreign companies/companies that intend to establish their business in Italy, or to expand an existing business, and to Italian companies/companies that have relationships with foreign counterparties or wish to set up or expand their own activity abroad.



In its two offices located in Florence and Milan, the Del Re Law Firm guarantees its clients global and integrated
assistance on all the legal aspects of their operations, with particular reference to the sectors listed below.

Del Re Law Firm is one of the most competent labor law structures in the Italian professional scene, both by virtue of the presence of Prof. Andrea Del Re and his pupils.

The experts assist Italian and foreign commercial and financial industrial groups, medium-sized companies, in and out of court in all the main areas of labor law, industrial relations and social security.

The preparation and experience of the specialists guarantee the management of litigation in the field of individual and collective dismissals, reorganization and restructuring of companies in the context of social safety nets and in all labor issues connected with the processes of outsourcing, mergers or transfers of companies or branches of them. Counseling and specific assistance are reserved for the managerial employment relationship and the peculiarities of the agency relationship.

The Del Re Law Firm is able to provide the best assistance in common civil disputes and issues, including family law, the protection of property rights and other real rights, including the more traditional civil disputes related to obligations, civil liability for for pecuniary and non-pecuniary damage.

Thanks to the university and work experience of Avv. Claudia Del Re,  Del Re Law Firm has developed specific skills in the litigation and out-of-court activity of industrial law, with particular regard to trademarks, patents, unfair competition, know-how, technology transfer, so to place it in a leading position. Apart from this there are issues related to copyright and Information Technology as well as legal advice to new start-ups and university spin-offs based on innovative ideas, which the Del Re Law Firm assists in all its phases.

Del Re Law Firm provides complete and effective assistance in contractual, procedural, logistic and organizational fulfillments in order to guarantee the "Data Controller" officers adequate and safe data management concerning both customers, suppliers or agents and employees, consultants and board members. Its advice covers all issues related to the protection of personal data with attention to those dealing with the EU GDPR Regulation, and the Italian Legislative Decree #196/2003.

Strengthened by a solid experience gained working with a range of businesses, in public and private sector, it offers revision activities of company procedures that involve data processing, as well as assistance in the implementation of sustainable strategies from a legal point of view, according to evolving legislation.

Del Re Law Firm provides complete and effective assistance to prepare all types of contractual, procedural, logistical and organizational fulfillment in order to guarantee the "Data Controller" adequate and secure management of the data of both external subjects (customers, suppliers, agents, etc.) and internal subjects (employees, consultants, representatives). Strengthened by a consolidated professionalism and experience gained from direct knowledge of different entrepreneurial realities, both in the public and private sector, the Firm offers revision activities of company procedures that involve the processing of data, including the “whistleblowing” one, as well as assistance in the implementation of strategies that are more sustainable and effective, from a legal point of view, for adapting to constantly evolving legislation.

Del Re Law Firm assists companies in the preparation and application and subsequent updating of the "Model of organization and management" or "Model pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231/2001” aimed at preventing criminal liability deriving from Legislative Decree 8 June 2001 n. 231, making use of the external collaboration of some of the most competent professionals in the sector. Thanks to the assumption of top positions within the Supervisory Bodies of some of the most important Italian industrial realities, the professionals of the Del Re Law Firm have now developed professional skills so to be able to guarantee the total mastery of the Model.

Del Re Law Firm also operates in the non-profit sector and in the third sector, offering support in all matters of a juridical/legal nature with practical, bureaucratic and managerial implications that may arise in this field, assisting its clients in adaptation to the third sector reform, in the establishment of the new body (drafting and/or amendment of the deed of incorporation and statute), in the registration in the registers, in the preparation of internal documents (regulations, resolutions, ordinances, etc.), in the consultancy regarding issues relating to governance and relations between bodies, in relationship with the Public Administration (co-programming, co-planning, agreements, tender contracts, concessions, accreditation, etc.) and finally in the defense of the non-profit organization in litigation of all types (civil, criminal, fiscal and administrative), before arbitration boards, ordinary justice bodies and tax commissions.

Due to the legal assistance of the most important wine consortia, Del Re Law Firm has seen its staff trained over time also in legal assistance relating to the sector, dealing with every legal aspect of the wine sector, from the production and marketing of wine to production protocols and labelling. It is, therefore, a multidisciplinary assistance whose focus requires skills in the international, administrative, civil and criminal fields that the Law Firm has already boasted for years and have been channeled into this new field.

Del Re Law Firm explains its activity of judicial and extrajudicial consultancy in the field of administrative law. All matters involving public law profiles relating to the sector of supply and service contracts, urban planning law, construction law, expropriations, administrative liability, authorizations and licenses, public employment and environmental law are treated.

Del Re Law Firm provides consultancy in relation to all aspects of corporate and commercial law of an ordinary nature, assisting clients in structuring any type of commercial transaction in Italy and abroad, taking care of the preparation of national and international commercial agreements all types.

Del Re Law Firm carries out business consultancy and procedural assistance both in the interest of entities invested with administrative liability pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231/2001, and for the defense of natural persons holding a specific guarantee position (employer of work, R.S.P.P., person in charge, competent doctor, client), which can be drawn from criminal proceedings for the ascertainment of their personal responsibility resulting from the violation of the rules set up to protect safety and health at work. Del Re Law Firm has also significant multi-year experience in dealing with criminal proceedings attributable to entrepreneurs and freelancers for the various hypotheses of crime that may arise in the performance of business or self-employment activities. Del Re Law Firm also provides assistance in the judicial field and carries out consultancy relating to more sectoral issues, such as: violations relating to pollution, corporate, bankruptcy and tax crimes, mobbing.

The group of professionals of the Del Re Law Firm over the years has recorded a significant development in assisting the most significant credit institutions and financial companies in the Italian panorama and is involved in specialized operations in the sector. The activity has been carried out for years also in relation to consultancy services, preparation of opinions and assistance in relation to loan agreements.

Del Re Law Firm professionals represent clients in legal, civil and administrative disputes, at all levels of jurisdiction and before the Administrative Judges and the Supreme Court. They act also as defenders and arbitrators in national and international arbitrations.


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© Copyright 2023 Studio Legale Del Re 

Lungarno degli Archibusieri, 8 50122, FIRENZE

P. IVA 32423049204